24,000 parents die each year, leaving dependent children.

Children’s Grief Awareness Week UK is FROM 15-21 November 2018

Children’s Grief Awareness Week UK is designed to raise awareness of bereaved children and young people in the UK, and how providing those affected with free, professional support can make the world of difference to their future. Children’s Grief Awareness Week UK 2018 is a chance for us to come together to show our support for bereaved children across the UK. Organisations across the UK will be raising awareness of the grieving children in their community, and those supporting them.

The theme for the week is #RememberWhen – encouraging families to share memories together of the person who has died. Whether it’s a place, a joke, a food or a story, we’re giving children and young people a chance to talk about their loved one, and to find out more about them from friends and family. Organisations supporting bereaved children can use the Week to showcase some of the memory work they do with families.

Childhood Bereavement Network and Grief Encounter are proud to link to Highmark Caring Place, the organisation who pioneered this in the USA.

How you can get involved

  • Download our Memory Tree Activity to create a display and encourage children and young people to share a memory. The tree is set up to print across 6 x 4 A4 sheets to make a giant display, and you can download leaves here too.
  • Use our social media cards version 1 and version 2  to encourage children, young people and widowed parents to #RememberWhen
  • Invite your supporters to join our social media campaign
  • Let your local media know about what you’ve got planned for the Week. Download our Template News Release here
  • Ask your MP to support the week by tweeting a memory of someone important in their lives
  • Run an awareness event, training session or young people’s group on the theme of #RememberWhen
  • Tell us about anything you have planned


We’re inviting bereaved children and young people, their families and supporters to join our campaign, sharing memories with the tag #RememberWhen

We’ll be theming memories with

  • #RememberWhen everyday memories: eg What did they like for breakfast? What was their favourite song?
  • #RememberWhen special times: eg a birthday, a wedding, some special time together, favourite places
  • #RememberWhen find out more: collect memories of the person who died from people who knew them well – ask them to share a memory with you
  • #RememberWhen help through tough times: memories of a time when someone supported you in your bereavement

Suggested tweets

15-21 Nov is #ChildrensGriefAwareness Week: giving children and young people a chance to #RememberWhen

Do you #RememberWhen? 15-21 Nov is #ChildrensGriefAwarenessWeek. Share a memory of a loved one: a picture, a place, a meal, a joke, a song

It’s #ChildrensGriefAwarenessWeek. Help children and young people keep memories alive. Do you #RememberWhen?

What if I don’t have any memories?

It’s tough when other people remember the person, but you don’t, perhaps because you were very young when they died. You can use the #RememberWhen theme to ask someone else who knew them to share stories with you, helping you get to know them a bit better.

What if I find it hard to access the happy memories of the person that died?

If all your memories of the person who died are painful or difficult, it can help to #RememberWhen someone else was kind and supportive to you. Perhaps they listened, or made you laugh, and you realised that life could be ok.


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